Hair Removal – Sugaring

Hair RemovalSUGARING

Elspeth Rose specialises in the ancient art of Egyptian Sugaring for the face and body using paste of the purest sugar, which may also be used on the most sensitive skin whatever your age (recommended by Eczema & Psoriasis Societies).

Our clients prefer sugaring to waxing quite simply because they say there is less discomfort and the after effects are minimal.



Eyebrow: £8.00
Top Lip: £6.00
Chin -: £6.00 
Neck: £6.00
Under Arms: £8.00
Fore Arm from: £10-£18 
Half leg: £11.00
Thighs: £11.00
Three Quarter Legs: £15.00
Full Legs: £20.00
Hands from: £3.00
Tummy, Neck and other areas, please ask from: £5.00


Bikini Line – including inside leg: from £12.00 
High Bikini: £12.00-£15.00 
Brazilian or Hollywood: £20.00-£30.00


A range of sugaring for men is available:
Forearms: from £12.00
Chest:-£25.00- £30.00
Back: £20.00
Back & Shoulders: £25.00-£30.00